Behavioral Health

Our counselors have experience working with individuals from all background on mental health or substance abuse issues.

While every counseling session is different, and even how often you might need to see a counselor varies, all sessions provide individuals with skills to better take control of their lives.

During a counseling session you may have the opportunity to:

  • express your feelings in a safe environment
  • learn how to think in a better way, such as breaking negative thinking and habits
  • communicate better
  • realize and find ways to better manage your life
  • learn coping skills to deal with life on life’s terms

Our behavioral health staff are trained to help you deal with:

  • changes in life
  • stress
  • financial stress
  • setting healthy goals
  • anger management
  • family roles
  • anxiety and depression
  • traumas
  • grief/loss
  • self-esteem
  • spirituality
  • basic nutrition