Medicaid Transformation Postponed

North Carolina Medicaid was scheduled to change in February 2020. Right now, the State manages Medicaid. Soon, private insurance companies will manage Medicaid for most people through health plans. Most people with Medicaid will need to pick a health plan and a primary care provider. 

However, the start of Medicaid Managed Care has been postponed. DHHS will not give a new scheduled start date until a budget for the transformation has been approved. You can learn more about the delay here.

For now, you will continue to receive health care and Medicaid benefits just as you do right now. You can still get help or learn more by calling 1-833-870-5500 or going to However, you can no longer choose a health plan or a primary care provider.

Keep checking our website, Facebook page, or Twitter account for updates on Medicaid Managed Care in the future!